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Hey guys as many of you know i Am a HUGE Crazy Dolphins fan. Well as well as doing my TTM i started making custom cards of players who do not have cards for my Dolphins PC.
I have made a few of non dolphins players and might start making them for a friend but these take alot of work. I have full stat backs for most of these as well.
LMK what you think if i should change anything or if you like them.
The one of Marvin Mitchell is a new design i just did today so lmk on that one as well.
Thanks for looking.
(oh yea see if you can find the new Bills Head coach)

[Image: customs41-20-13.jpg]
[Image: customs21-20-13.jpg]
[Image: customs31-20-13.jpg]
[Image: customs1-20-13.jpg]
[Image: gregory1-20-13.jpg]
Nice job!

Nice looking cards!
thanks guys
bump to show the not late late crew. Smile
Very nice!!!
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