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I sold one of these last year for $26(ungraded) but it was in great condition.
ow.... sorry bout that Sad

I only cracked 1 of his ... gonna send it in to bgs in 2 weeks ....

Hopefully he keeps rolling along !
[Image: IMG_0018.jpg]
people are insane to pay that kind of price. Highest value for that is $125 if I look correctly.. That's seriously insane for that kind of price...
(01-20-2013 02:27 PM)phinzphan1372 Wrote: [ -> ]I only cracked 1 of his ... gonna send it in to bgs in 2 weeks ....

If they win today I'd sell it ungraded(unless it's pc)
I hear you... I sold one as well this past summer, got about $20 for it... I also sold 3 other Kaepernick Autos for around $20... just never know what to hold on to!
Qbs are the hardest one's to figure out really. You never know when and if they'll get a shot.
If I was heavier in the hobby right now, I would hang onto all qb rookie cards because of moments like this.

Rodgers and Kaepernick have both taught us a valuable lesson.
thats why i started PC'ing qbs.. not that id ever sell(unless i have to) but theyre just fun to collect over any of the other positions.
its hilarious some of the offers i get on here for his auto's. I dont think many people realize how crazy his prices are getting.
I really dont think that card sold for that. It looks fishy to me if you look at the bidders. Thank god I still have all my Kaep's though!
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