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Full Version: Hobby boxes from ebay
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Having just recently got back into card collecting, I was wondering if there are real disadvantages to buying hobby boxes from ebay. I know you can pick up boxes cheaper on ebay than online or an LCS but are the odds of good pulls really the same. Is it more likely that a seller has purchased a case, opened a few and gotten the case hit, and then sells the rest at a slightly discounted price? Any info from your experience would be helpful.
That is the whole reason I don't try to buy boxes off ebay because I am afraid they just had the big hit from the case and are selling the rest of the boxes. To me Its worth paying a little extra just buying boxes from an online store that buys there case straight from the company.
It depends on the seller, I've got case hits before, and I've got quite a few good cards from my boxes. I usually buy boxes from sellers with 100% rating.
I'm sure there are people who buy a case and get the case hit(s) and then sell the rest, but I know several sellers that buy cases and resell all of the individual boxes to make a profit. Like the other user said try to find sellers that have large amounts of feedback, 100% positive.
The best hits Ive gotten have come from a distibutor like DA or Blowout. Never gotten anything good from ebay boxes so I stopped. Pretty sure the sellers know what they are doing. Its cheaper for a reason. 100% Feedback doesnt mean they are not getting the case hits. Whos gonna leave bad feedback for not getting a case hit? As long as they sold what they said they were, of course they will have good feedback. Positive feedback doesn't mean they got big hits. Thats not a good reason to buy a box from a seller.
Yeah only buy from power sellers
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