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Man I can't even walk in my LCS without buying a box of something. Went in for some cheap supplies and a beautiful box of limited is just calling my So I brought home these nice

rc...Luke Kuechly
Inserts...Wes Welker & Ray Lewis /399
Legends...Brett Favre /349

Doug Flutie GU /50

[Image: IMG_0040_zps841c436e.jpg]

Andrew Luck Blue Chip GU /99

[Image: IMG_0039_zpse9980809.jpg]

HOF Jim Kelly Auto/GU /10

[Image: IMG_0038_zpsd6c0744f.jpg]
Check me for the luck if youre looking to get rid of it...
Great Jim Kelly!!! He was always one of my favorites.
That Kelly is awesome!
MMMMMM that Kelly is awesomeeee
wow Nice stuff
PLMK if that kelly is f/t! I really need it!
nice Kelly.....congrats
Limited is a really nice product and that Kelly certainly showcases that. Awesome pull man. Congrats!!!
Oh man, I'm REALLY digging the Flutie and my heart is pounding over that Kelly!!!
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