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Really fun seeing these again.

539 max fried
548 mccullers jr
552 puig
556 bob gibson
576 tony perez
577 whitey

mike marshall
bernard gilkey
joe oliver
jim abbott
tom herr
gene larkin
lance johnson
joey cora
jack daugherty
rob murphy

[Image: four.jpg]
seitzer /5, smith /5, worthington /1, pagnozzi /1

[Image: four2.jpg]

CONE /44, PALL /30, BENCH /25, RICKEY /24
Nice hits on the autos!!!!
Sweet Bench auto.
I would truly appreciate a look for the Rickey auto, sir ... quite possibly my favorite player ever. Thanks! RJ
That's awesome! I'd be interested in the Cone auto and the Seitzer.
lol agreed - never thought I would see those again! Sweet Auto's tho - grats!
Interested in the Cone auto please check me if it is for trade.
really sweet man!!! love the henderson and bench auto's!! well done!! thanks
no frank thomas. love the cone auto
Those are some very nice autos!
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