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Hope this is ok to post... I have decided to send out all the items I won't be collecting anymore in order to clear space for my Harrison Smith PC... I have quite a few sweet items that I know the great members here would love to add to their PCs... I am only asking if anyone ever comes across any Harrison Smith cards I need, please keep me in mind...Wink thanks!!! As for items that I have, I will choose at random, and they will all be a surprise...

I have:

Bengals items

Longhorns items

One monster truck item

Maybe some other cool various items as well... If anyone is interested just let me know... I will do my best to get all this out ASAP...
Damn... Don't everyone answer my post at once...
im definetly interested
(01-19-2013 06:08 PM)Socrkd55 Wrote: [ -> ]im definetly interested

Cool... Who are you into??
there's a member rw34 who'd be into your UT items....message her
(01-19-2013 06:18 PM)ft28jags Wrote: [ -> ]there's a member rw34 who'd be into your UT items....message her

Will do....
ricky williams 34 to be exact...solid member
I be interested in any Favre's, Randy Moss, or Michael Vick's that you might have.
(01-19-2013 06:17 PM)erasertwentytwo Wrote: [ -> ]Cool... Who are you into??

Im in to Jamaal Charles, Priest Holmes and Dwayne Bowe
anything patriots related id be interested in
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