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Full Version: 2012 Black & R&S
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Picked some boxes up at the card show last weekend. Some nice patches. Most is for trade.

[Image: IMG_0016_zps075d6cc9.jpg][Image: IMG_0021_zps572d8b83.jpg][Image: IMG_0020_zps1202d645.jpg][Image: IMG_0031-1_zpsfdf13c4d.jpg][Image: IMG_0032_zps419bba52.jpg][Image: IMG_0026-1_zps13d18418.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0025_zpsfc1446c2.jpg][Image: IMG_0033-1_zps958e6e95.jpg][Image: IMG_0022_zpsd9d13e02.jpg]
Wow very cool Foles,
Sweet Dillon! Even sweeter Foles!

Sucks to pull a Rainey, but I woulda been happy with the Riley and Alshon.
Nice hits! I'm a big Lions fan and would appreciate a look for the Reiff ... thanks, RJ
Interested in the Foles. Let me know, thanks!
I will start checking orgs/buckets for the things asked about guys. Thanks!
You hit some sick patches! Congrats. Im sure it was extremely fun to open!
Interested in the Jarius. Please check me and let me know.
if the jarius is ft,plmk
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