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[Image: b7dlxj.jpg] [Image: 10roms2.jpg]
1909 T206 Ty Cobb Portrait Red PSA 3

[Image: 2b1imf.jpg] [Image: 1jp2qg.jpg]
1954 Bowman Mantle

[Image: 6rha2d.jpg][Image: rjqpfo.jpg][Image: v2skuo.jpg]
1909 T206 Lajoie Portrait

All purchased this week
Let me know what you think!
Those are awesomness!!! Especially Mantle, because thats who i colllect.
But the Cobb and Lajoie are fan favs of the old-timers, they will fall in love.
Must of spent a good penny for them.
Thanks! I got a good deal on each one at a price I felt comfortable with
Beautiful cards.. Congrats
Outstanding, those are some serious pickups.
Thanks guys!
Exceptional! (Picking jaw up off the floor)
(01-20-2013 02:58 PM)SFssft1911 Wrote: [ -> ]Exceptional! (Picking jaw up off the floor)

Lol thanks man!
I love the Lajoie. That is a damn awesome card.
Amazing cards.
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