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I break today a 08/09 UD Radiance box with no good hits, for these price i have hope on more bigger hits

[Image: 16546644545454.jpg]

and a redemption :badboy: ... luckily was it no high end

[Image: 16546644545454_3.jpg]

Quote:This redemption offer is now expired. Unfortunately, late entries cannot be honored and our inventory is now depleted. We apologize that we can no longer assist you with this promotion.

and a free 2010-11 UD North Carolina Blaster but there was nothing beside the banner

[Image: 16546644545454_2.jpg]

Not really good luck with these break and specially the Radiance was a disappointment, but that is the game!
Living in Spain I think that redemption would have been a pretty cool card. Wouldn't mind getting my hands on it. I'd suggest you try and get something through customer service...
Nice looking cards, I am not familiar with this Upper Deck product. Are boxes pretty expensive?
(01-18-2013 09:37 PM)TBarn291 Wrote: [ -> ]Nice looking cards, I am not familiar with this Upper Deck product. Are boxes pretty expensive?

Relatively. I love this product, but never have the money to get it.
The older UD boxes are Great and you got Good Chances to pull the Real Hits!
These was one of the Last boxes with the Chance to pull a Auto of all Stars MJ, Kobe, Bron, Durant etc. In a Series,
But with the Price ($400) is it a Risk and Bad Feeling when you pull nothing like my Box, but that is the Game and maybe is the next better Wink!
WHy are there no listings for these in the OPG? I can only find the base cards and RC autos?
What you mean with OPG???
OPG = Online Price Guide. I can't find anything but the base cards and RC autos when I search on Beckett?
Mean you these one
[Image: 16546644545454_2.jpg]

there was only the autograph version from MJ listet:
2010-11 Upper Deck North Carolina #NNO Michael Jordan Banner AU
Nice banner
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