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Full Version: New Dolphins stuff.
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Here are some new items since the last time. Haven't been buying as much or not as much catching my eye unless its cheep.
Here are the recent goods.
1st a New Oronde Gadsden i didn't have.
#/78 Was finally able to talk him down from his 10 asking price.
[Image: gadsdenpremierdate1-17-13.jpg]

Then a few Rishard Matthews adds 3 autos all for cheep under 3 each. Smile
[Image: rishardmathewsauto1-17-13.jpg]
[Image: rishardmathewsauto21-17-13.jpg]
[Image: rishardmathewsauto31-17-13.jpg]

Then a all time Dolphins auto add. Tony Franklin this is his ONLY certified auto.
Played for the Phins in 1988.
[Image: tonyfranklinauto1-17-13.jpg]

Then last for now.
Got this for less than any have sold for was a BIN of 15 dlvd.
Hit it quick the sell for 20-25 on the norm.
[Image: tannehillabsolute1-17-13.jpg]
That franklin is the best one there Smile .... nice stuff as usual!
Lovin those pickups
Dang that Tanne was a true steal, and love the Matthews pickups, hoping for good stuff from him next season
Thanks guys. I agree wiht the Mathews getting better. He looked a bit raw last season but i think he can help alot.
Love those cards! Sad if you had to pay more than $2 + shipping for that Gadsden though.
Thanks. I did think it was 2.50 total of 5 .
Nice additions. Really like the Absolute Tannehill auto/jersey card. Great looking card.
Nice adds as usual! Great steal on that Tannehill!
Great additions. Love the 04 auto. Congrats
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