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I was swindled of a football lot that I sold to this person back in December. After he wins auctions he wants you to ship to another address. I shipped to confirmed address and he got mad at me and left me a negative feedback. I asked for a revision since I did everything right in my part. He said when he receives the cards to the address he asked me to send, he would remove. I never received my cards back and he never removed the negative feedback. I just reported him to the bay, reviesed my feedback I left him and left it alone. Then today another seller messaged me with the same thing that bedbathbeyondme2012 did to him/her. BBBM2012 also left negative feedback and threatened to not remove if they dont receive the cards. The thing is BBBM2012 does not have their address on ebay and paypal updated. Just want to let every seller here know about this loser.... Seems that he focuses on lots. I forgot to mention that this person is RUDE and likes to make threats.
Appreciate the heads up bud, but when I searched for that username it said invalid.
When in doubt I always follow ebay and paypal policy, I'll take the negative hit if it means covering my own *****. Sounds like you handled it the right way.
Sucks... Another scumbag on eBay...
(01-17-2013 03:58 PM)englandhousehold Wrote: [ -> ]Appreciate the heads up bud, but when I searched for that username it said invalid.

Sorry i ment bedbathandbeyondme2012. Thanks
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