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Hi guys.

Been an NFL fan for multiple years and i'd like to start collecting cards.

I'm completly new at this and i would like advice to start on the right track.

I plan on collecting cards from last year 2011 and up as well as collecting my 2 favorite players, Von Miller and Calvin Johnson.

Any tips would be mucho appreciated.
Do you have anything to trade or do you plan on buying? Figure out what you want to spend. Maybe go to Ebay and look at the cards there and decide what you like the looks of..
Starting from scratch so nothing to trade.

I was thinking about buying boxes first then trade the money cards for my players card while trying to complete collections of base sets.

Problem is, there is so many sets to choose from and i dont want to buy less valued boxes.
My absolute "BEST" advice is spend all your money that you available on what you truly like. Dont waste cash on boxes or trade bait. Just go after what you like. The two players you named are good choices to go after imo. This hobby is really expensive and takes a lot of time and work so PLEASE make sure you go after what you truly desire. Forget about "deals" or opportunities to "flip" something because it all goes against you in the end. When you are about to buy yourself something ask is this something I will have for a decade or not? If the answer is yes then buy and if the answer is no then dont buy.
Only advice I give is to enjoy yourself and remember it's only a hobby. I love busting boxes but I super collect Cutler. I do the same model you said. I pick a set, buy a few boxes, put the set together and make some trades. But everything everyone said is great advice. Just figure out what you would enjoy the best.
my opinion is stay FAR AWAY from boxes... just not worth the risk, especially with the prices they are reaming people for these days... buy singles man, its the only way to pc individual players imho...
Can any of you recommand me an online store with a good sélection?

EBay and Amazon are fine for single butons like to buy bulk of cheap Calvin and Miller cards to start my collection and insont want to pay the Shipping for multiple sellers.

Thank you
a "howdiedoodie" from a fellow Canucklehead Smile

a) where roughly do you reside, I may know of a few good shops/shows in the area Smile

b) there's tons to learn and know and this place will teach you some great "in's and out's" of the hobby.

Relax, sit back, enjoy the ride ..... Beckett is a great place to be Smile is a great site. Alas, the ebay is only a good place as well for the single cards. Try to find a ew boxes that folks have busted and read the reviews.

I saw the Limited 2012, and wanted a box or two, and had fun with them.

The 2 players you've chosen are great players with lots of cards. Finding a newer player makes things eaiser than say trying to collect Jerry Rice who has thousands of cards.

I chose Marshawn Lynch and he's got over 12,000 cards which I know I'll never have all of them. I chose to collect most of his cards that are /50 or less normally and starting from 2007 and forward.

Robert Turbin is easier for me and I've gotten a small amount of his stuff and am working more on it.

Also, if you're on a budget, stick to it the best you can. I break my budget at times, and won't lie kick myself for doing it.

Enjoy and have fun.

I've learned this site is more about showing off the collections we build, trading cards with folks, and really having a fun time.
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