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What's up my beckett peeps!!

For those of you who read & commented on Brent's thread he made about me, Thank You ALL for all your thoughts, prayers & well wishes!! When Brent told me he made a thread, I was overwhelmed by all the responses, and jmessick, you are right; the power of prayer is VERY great!!

I am at home and doing well. Recovery will be slow, but at least I'm alive!

Thank you again everyone for all your prayers!!

* And a special thanks to Brent for being such an awesome friend, not only through my recent hospital stay, but ever since I've met him. Brent, you're a stand up guy and I'm proud to call you my friend! Thanks buddy!!
Great news man. Take care of yourself and I wish you a speedy recovery.
I just read the other thread.....I havent been around here in a long time but I remember you from back in the day. You are a great member along with many here! Glad you are home! The Power of prayer is awesome! Heres to a quick recovery bud!!
Nice to see you back on the boards man.

When it comes down to it. All we really have is our health.
Glad to have you back! Wishing you a speedy recovery!
Sad that the packers didn't win to make you feel better Sad get better man!
Great to see a post from you, LL4. Get well quick.
Welcome back LL4! Glad to see you still tickin'! Smile
Glad to see you back! Get well fast Bud!
Glad you are back Joe! I wish you a speedy recovery.
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