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So..I've never really been much into baseball, but..I picked up a baseball at a garage sale, it's old..all the autographs are kind of faded. Most of the autographs are from the Brooklyn Dodgers..but Babe Ruth coached for a season(1938 as general manager, I believe.)

I was wondering if anyone could help me out? lol.

Sorry if I posted to the wrong thing..recently new to this site. Smile

I can make out a few..Paul Chervinko, Carl Erskine, also a Bob, George, Joe, Earl( I think.), Toby, and a Hal..few others, but abit too faded..still worth anything, if it's authentic?

I will add pictures soon, won't let me for some reason.
feel free to send me an email with attached pictures of it - BLWILD@HOTMAIL.COM

Alrighty, will do in a few.
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