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Full Version: Patch Paranoia
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It may just be me but.....

Does any one else stay away from cool looking patches from 5-10 years ago? My logic is the older products are more likely to have fake patches.
Honestly, I'm paranoid about all sweet patches. But I'll pick up a cool one if the price is right. I'm always open to the possibilty that most of the patches in my collection are fake. Which is kind of sad now that I think about it...
I certainly do on sets I'm not familiar with. One of the ones I'm collecting from 1999 can have multi-colored jersey pieces in them but there's times I'll go for the single color just to be safe.
I definetly am. I want one really bad for my chiefs collection, and have found a few but everytime i go to buy them all i can think about it how many fakes there are, so i never end up going through with it
I think it is easier to fake new ones, but it is also pretty darn easy to tell when companies makes stupid moves (i.e., wrong team).
I think the higher end products should have pictures online of their low numbered stuff.
It's really not as bad as everyone thinks. Most of the fakes and the sellers are identified immediately. Buying fake patch cards is not as common as you might think. People get too worried and over react a lot of the time. I'm bidding on a few jersey and patch cards as we speak with no concerns because I research what I'm investing in... vague as the COAs on cards are getting...the companies themselves are more likely to jip ya xP
Stop your homework and your good..i only collect the patch sets i KNOW..inside and in point
WHO would have the time to fake these and with the patch windows like they are??
i started these the month they came out and have owned hundreds with all the upgrading and such..i do the 2007set(134 cards),finished the 2010 set (103 cards) and have 09 going too...
READ the backs too..ALL of my sets are personaly worn by THE player on the card in an OFFICIAL NFL game..some cards these days fudge on the wording so they can put ANYBODY'S patch in a card....
do some work and have fun...True GAME USED Patches are the BEST part of Cards in my Opinion now a days
(01-12-2013 08:08 PM)jeremy7269 Wrote: [ -> ]I think the higher end products should have pictures online of their low numbered stuff.

I strongly agree! Wasn't Exquisite a hand-packed set? Snap a few pics!
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