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Real simple. Guess the winner of tonights Packer @ 49er game and score. You must be right on the winner to qualify. Of those who choose the correct winner, whoever is closest to the final score or if you happen to guess right wins the prize below. If there happens to be a tie between any number of members I will randomize their names on to determine winner. Make sense? One guess per member and guesses close at kickoff tonight. Good luck everyone. Here's the prize (sorry non-Packer fans, it is what it is).

Framed art of Packer QB Legend Brett Favre #1156/2000 with game used jersey piece and C.O.A. on back of picture.

[Image: 239815A0-orig.jpg]
[Image: E5076A24-orig.jpg]
[Image: 9FF7E7E2-orig.jpg]

Thanks, Ryan
PACK all the way

packers are taking it 27-24 on a mason crosby 45+ yard FG with less than 10 seconds remaining.
Ive got the Packers 34-20. Rodgers is gonna have a huge 3rd quarter
Well Im going to be diff even tho I think the pack will win Ill say the 49ers 34-31
Packers 35-21
packers 27-21
SF 24
GB 21

SF wins!
GBP 30, San Fran 26
Packers 31 49ers 24 thanks for contest!
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