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I have become a sucker for boxes of 2011 Timeless Treasures as the price continues to drop on boxes. I got 2 more boxes for $39 a piece from Blowoutcards and here is what I pulled.
Base (#'d/499): D.McFadden, B.Llyod, F.Gore, Walter Payton
Gold: Jonathan Stewart (06/49)
HOF: Ed Sabol
Base Rookie Autograph: Phil Taylor (231/458)
Game Day Souveniers 1st Quarter: Jon Beason (01/75)
Rookie Recruits Materials: Von Miller (223/250)
Rookie Recruits Materials Autographs: Von Miller (019/100)
Jerseys: Walter Payton (098/250)
Jerseys Prime: Y.A. Tittle (14/25)
[Image: 20130111_220928.jpg]
I'd be pretty happy with those
Nice hits on the Payton and Miller.
I'm not sure you killed those boxes hard enough.
Nice von Millers
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