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Don't have many hobby shop options where I live in east central New York, which is kinda crazy because it is a rather economically well off area but none none the less all the card shops within a half hour of me have closed over the last few years. Took a trip about an hr away to Champion Cards in Poughkeepsie, NY. They got alot of nice boxes there from all sports from about 2000-to current as well as trading card games and paint ball stuff. Kind of like an all around hobby shop which is cool.

Anyways, I was looking for some 2012 Crown Royale, but they didn't have any yet and I didn't wanna buy Certified or Elite as from what I've seen my sister's bf get has been horrible. I saw they had to boxes of Black left for 195 a piece. I mulled it over for a while a figured I came all this way and I'd be pissed if I bought a few different lower-mid boxes and didn't hit anything nice. I asked the guy if they were from a 5 box case or a the bigger case, and he said it was a 5 box. The last box was the 5th in case, and the one in front was the 4th. I asked if anyone had pulled anything nice out of it, and he said actually no... no one has pulled anything remotely noteworthy, I'd tell you cause I wanna see something nice myself. I said screw it and he asked what box I wanted, I was thinking about the last box and then said lemme grab the first one. He asked if I was gonna open it in the store or later, and I said I wasn't sure yet, I had to think of how dumb I was to spend 200 bucks on 12 cards with no guarantee of something nice and get pissed lol. I decided to break it there.....rather brutal......

Aaron Hernandez base /349
Andy Dalton base /349
Pierre Garcon base parallel /49
Dan Marino Honors /349
Michael Crabtree/Patrick Peterson Man 2 Man /349
Vick Ballard base rookie /349
Kendell Reyes base rookie/349
Rueben Randle Onyx Materials /299
Eli Manning NFL Equipment /99
Jemell Fleming rookie auto /25
Ronnel Lewis rookie auto/99

brutal, but not a total bust asthe big hit was in the middle face down, and as soon as I saw the name and numbering , it kind of ruined it at first cause I knew what it was....

Robert Griffin III Rookie Signature Materials Prime Platinum 17/49!!!! It's a nice 3 color break of what looks like 0 from the sleeve. My friend was like "Yea right, wow, I can't believe you just spent that on a box and end up pulling that....every other card in the box was basically a 5-10 poop card." The guy behind the counter was in shock and stared at it for few minutes. A few people commented on it as they walked by and up to the counter. And as I was leaving, the owner saw I had the Panini Black box in my hand, and asked how I did.....I just handed him the card and he was shocked as well that it came from his store.

Not sure what I'm gonna do with it right now, prob bask in one of the best pulls of my 20 year collecting career for a bit and either sell or trade it within a week. I'll entertain offers fs/ft for the time being just to see what's out there. Will post a pic in a bit.

Thanks for looking/reading! Still a bit in shock as I wasn't expecting that, I was expecting a Nick Toon jersey auto or something.
Nice RG3 hit!!!! Congrats!
Excellent RG3! Post a scan when u get a chance
Thanks! I'm fooling around with mobile pb now. It was about time, I've been getting murdered the last few months from hobby and retail. I think my best auto pull has been an Alfred Morris Momentum base auto /799 on Christmas during that time. I've gotten some nice cards and what not, but not a major hit like that. Actually I think it's my 3rd best pull right after 1992 Classic Four Sport Shaq Auto /150 I pulled when I was 10, and then in 1994 I also pulled the regular Classic Shaq auto /500 (Think back then how hot those cards were!) I took a break from cards from about 1996 to 2008, got back in until 2011 when I took a mini break until this year. I think the best pulls i had until now was from 2009 UD Ballpark baseball, when I pulled a Quad GU Spokesmen of Jeter,James,Crosby,Howe /25 and I pulled a 20th Anniversary Memorbilia of Tiger Woods. I ended up trading the Woods for some Vick rookie autos toward the end of the 2009 football season, and I can't remember what I traded the Spokesmen for. I've had some offers so far from friends and a few on here, just haven't decided what to do yet.
Here it is:

[Image: IMAG0136.jpg]
thats awesome, check me if its for trade. thanks
CHeck me for the ballard
That's a nice RGIII!! Congrats on the great pull!
Saweet Pull!!!! Congrats!!!!
LMAO, That's my LCS. I live in Pok. Nice card! congrats.
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