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Gold /99
Chris Rainey---has a black spot were foiling is missing :/
Bryce Brown/399
Matt Kalil/399
Bill Bentley /149
Purple Lardius Green /25
Laurent Robinson Green/49

[Image: IMG_20130111_142843.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20130111_142853.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20130111_142905.jpg]
This is the silver /149

[Image: IMG_20130111_142917.jpg]

Still no Luck...but I cant complain with a Tannehill and no redemptions....all for trade but Tannehill will have to be for something good!
How exactly do you post pictures from your bucket directly onto the forum?
Put ur mouse over the picture in ur bucket and click the image link that pops up and copy to ur post
They have done well with the patches I've seen in Crown this year.
You can check me for the tannehill plz
If today is your birthday, then happy bday! But i just gotta say that the Tannehill patch is probably the most legit patch ive seen from Crown this year. Amazing pulls all around tho!
Very nice hit. I will post my break in a few.
Beautiful Tanne! When is your Bday? And Happy Bday lol
Well happy birthday! If you want to let go of that dwayne Allen I am interested . Thanks !
Thanks everyone....bday was Friday the 11th....I will check everyone that asked...tannehill will be difficult for me to let was definetly stoked about the sweet patch have seen some terrible one colors on Andrew luck....
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