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Looking to trade Basketball Cards for Baseball or Football Jersey's & Autographs. I have listed about 4000 cards in my organize to date. If you see anything you like, make me a trade offer or post on this thread and I and I will see what I can find. Let's trade!

Looking forward to trading and adding to my ever growing collection.

Enjoy & Happy Collecting
Bump! Just added several more hundred card to organize.
Bump, Bump, Just added several more hundred cards to organize. RC's, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, etc...
if you decide to trade for basketball lmk, you have around 30 bv of cards that i need.
sent an offer
(01-15-2013 03:17 PM)leadmetogreatness Wrote: [ -> ]sent an offer

Thanks for the offer and the trade. Look forward to trading with you again. Enjoy & Happy Collecting Smile
Bump! Just added several more hundred cards to organize.
Bump! Just added about 1000 more cards to organize.
Bump! Adding more cards.
Bump! Went to Sports Card Show this past weekend, bought and added new cards.
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