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Just got this.Thinking of sending it in to try and get a grade.Know PSA is tough on Hand Cut but this is a nice one.

[Image: jello1.jpg]
Since these cards were hand cut, this card may be considered "TRIMMED" and thats probably the reasoning for the "Authentic" grade. Good Luck at whatever you do here. It lloks very nice. Perhaps try SGC out, they are good hard graders.
from my understanding with psa on hand cut cards is you need to have all to some of the border all the way around that is on the card to get a good grade.

Hope this helps.

CommonGuy Sports
pawpaw:Thanks I was thinking about that.

common:Thank you.Wasn't sure how they decided what to grade and what not on the hand cut stuff.

Think I'll send an email to them and SGC and see exactly what the guidelines are before sending it.
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