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Full Version: 2011 Certified
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Sorry no scans yet, at work

Chipped away over half the box price with a gift card but here are the hits, all FT

Ahmad Black Auto /250
Delone Carter Shirt off my back Jsy
Mark Ingram Shirt off my back Jsy
Andy Dalton FF Rc Au Jsy /499

Pretty Happy seeing as I really only paid 40 for the box. Also my 2nd big Dalton auto of the past year.
Shirt off my back mark ingram , I'm highly interested check my org please
offer sent
I'd say that was a pretty good break for what you paid!
awesome Dalton. jealous
$40!? Dang somebody likes you lol
I'd like the Ahmad Black auto
Nice hit on the Dalton.
Thanks everyone, I'll check you, jmessick86 in a second here.
Not Bad
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