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Hi guys,
Just wanted to thank everyone here for all the trades over the last few years. You have all helped me to hit a milestone in my collection, 30,000 different Red Sox cards!

So what does 30,000 Red Sox cards look like? A mess! I have them everywhere! The majority in 3000 count monster boxes organized by year and alphabetically by set. Oversized cards and odballs stored in all sorts of boxes.

It's been a labor of love collecting these since the I jumped on the Sox bandwagon and started following the hot young rookies that year...oh how many times did I cut Jim Rice and Fred Lynn out of their 4 player rookie cards, so they would have their own card? Way too many.....Anyway if you interested in seeing some of the collection scans, they are in my photobucket ( year I will be working on getting more cards scanned..maybe at some point I will get them all done (most likely not!) and if you are interested in seeing how I track them all, here is a link to my excel spreadsheet with all my haves organized by year.

Thanks for looking and thanks for for all the past and future trades.

I'm finishing up adding the rest of my stuff to my organize but feel free to send over an offer for any that I might have that you want.

I'm looking for inserts, SPs, and 2012 Topps Chrome Blue Refractors for my set

I have these left to put into my organize so if you have a list of what you need from them I'll pull them if I have them and get them into the system.
1990 Topps
1989 Donruss
1988 Donurss
1990 Donruss
1990 Bowman
1986 Topps
1989 Topps
1991 Donruss
1995 Donruss
Very impressive. Thanks for sharing and also thanks for sharing the excel.
that is sweet -thanks for sharing
Wow, great job! I recently quietly hit my own milestone with my jeter cards, you still have some I need though. I have about 100 sox in my org if you want to work up a trade sometime. Look forward to helping you some more, Ive enjoyed our past trades!
Awesome milestone
Nicely done. Congrats on your milestone.
Congrats. That's amazing
VERY NICE!!! As a fellow team collector I can only hope to reach that milestone one day too. Keep it up.
Congrats on the milestone. Very impressive collection and the excel sheets as well!!!
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