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Here are some of the cards I've been fortunate enough to get. Followed RGIII since his later college years, you gotta love him!! I hope he gets well from whatever ails him this offseason and comes back on a rampage, but no too early!!

[Image: imagezam.jpg]
[Image: imagehxaf.jpg]
[Image: imagezrnd.jpg]

Not a big fan of the chipping on Inception, but I think the cards look awesome, like mini paintings..haha

[Image: imagelfq.jpg]
[Image: imagetnr.jpg]
[Image: imageguml.jpg]
what an amazing collection! I'm jealous lol. That's definitely something to be proud of! thanks for sharing
Thank you! Just sucks collecting someone that is popular, stuff can get expensive trying to pull/buy individual cards, haha. It's all good, all part of the fun of the hobby!
Beautiful cards. I especially like that Chrome dual auto card. What a looker.
i can only imagine how expensive his stuff is, i dont even bother trying. im lucky enough if i win auctions with my guy Aaron Hernandez, and he's no where as near popular.
Thank goodness I was able to pull some of these, including the chrome Luck/RGIII auto, and pick up the other stuff at a reasonable price Smile
Those are SWEET!!!!!!!!
Thank you sir! Constantly looking for RGIII goodness!!
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