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My box of Certified came today from DAcardworld, wow was it a doozy! Hits were as followed:

Vinnie Curry New Generation /999
Malcolm Floyd Mirror Blue /100
Lee Roy Jordan Immortals Mirror Red /250
Willie Brown Immortals /999
Brandon Lloyd Mirror Red /250
Andre Branch New Generation /999
Nick Foles Certified Skills /299
Fred Dryer Fabric of The Game /199
Felix Jones Fabric of The Game /25

Annnndddd the Doozy.....

Sam Bradford Mirror Green Autograph 3/5!

May be for trade if someone entertains me with a high end Bear or High End Ryan Tannehill.

Thanks for lookin'!
Awesome hit, nice SP on the Bradford grats buddy
(01-07-2013 05:14 PM)solid133 Wrote: [ -> ]Awesome hit, nice SP on the Bradford grats buddy

Thanks man! It makes a nice touch figuring that puts me at 2/2 on hobby boxes after my inception... Big Grin Thanks again.
Nice bradford!!!!
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