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Been 2 weeks, hasnt shipped his end, mine has been received. No response.

Anyone hear anything?
I have the same problem.. Mine has been over a month.. I contacted a Mod.. he wanted his address.. he keeps saying hes super busy and will get me a DC number.. that was last month.. I have messaged him 2 times.. nothing since.. Not a huge trade... $70+ But had autos going his way.. I hope that we will get our end of the trades.. but I dont see how anyone can be this busy.. I work a ton and still have time to live up to my obligations on here.. even at 60+ Hours a week
he's a former customer of mine, who i recently had contact with. there's another thread about him in the main baseball forum.

if anyone needs his current email, or mailing info (old and new), i have it

also, here is his seller page on ebay:
Jacoby, so when you say his OLD/NEW mailing address I assume he has moved? Its been over a month for me.. but he keeps telling me that he will send out next day.. now I dont wanna drag his name through the mud I would just like to know if he is still alive... has the cards he traded to me and will be sending.. if not then he can send back the cards I sent to him..
old, as in he bought from me a long while back. just helps in case he tried to get shadier
Ok good to know.. I am still holding out hope that he will come through and get us our cards.. so far the tally is 3 owed trades.
Is this the guy from Meadville, PA
as of 2/12, i had bat cave, nc
Yeah I have Bat Cave too
(01-07-2013 03:22 PM)davidbakanas Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah I have Bat Cave too

He has been logged on today, and he hasn't returned your pm's etc...?
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