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Went to the LCS to drown my sorrows and did a fair job at it. And did pretty well at the random packs as well. Good fun all in all and no redemptions= win win!

[Image: 009-17.jpg]

[Image: 010-16.jpg]

[Image: 011-13.jpg]

[Image: 008-19.jpg]

And then there is this!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Image: 007-28.jpg]

[Image: 006-35.jpg]

Thanks for looking.
Wow, That logo shield is amazing! Great way to bounce back from a crappy game!
(01-06-2013 10:23 PM)longhornnation Wrote: [ -> ]Wow, That logo shield is amazing! Great way to bounce back from a crappy game!

It did help the sting a little bit... Just wish RGIII would have been healthy
Holy Mary mother of Longhorn! GREAT HIT!!!
PM me what your interested in for the Dez Bryant Letterman
Very stoked with the 1/1!!
I'll take the credit for the Priest Holmes pull! Wink lol! I said you would pull something insane since the game wasn't the best showing Big Grin nice additions all the way around!
I think that priest holmes might be the sexiest thing ive ever seen (no offense to my gf lol) I would KILL to have that in my collection! You can check me for it if its ft, I doubt I have anything equivalent but ive got to at least try lol. Same with the Jamaal Charles Smile
Oh and I'm interested in the Bowe as well Smile You managed to pull hits for all 3 people I Pc lol
Nice pulls Mik, lots of color!
WOW! That is a beautiful pull as well as some of the others!
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