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Frustrating day. Trying to add cards to organize and nothing will add in. I keep getting: Test drive your first 100 items in Organize for FREE! For more details about Organize go to

I already have over 42000 items in my org and my price guide subscription is current. GRRR
All my cards show in my org, however when I do a search, cards I can see in my org, it says I can still add them. The add box isn't greyed out like it normally is.
Yes sir same trouble here. It has been like this since would think someone could take care of this "minor" glitch. Seriously they keep withdrawing monthly fees on the regular, never with a glitch. Quite frustrating since our time is limited and we should be able to use our Org at demand...someone should get on this quick...time for a discount or some form of reimbursement.
Little disappointed myself. Just signed up for the football OPG, but have had the my collection for a year and have 40000 cards in it. Would be nice to make sure im not adding something in I already have. Its what I use to sift out duplicates
(01-06-2013 08:29 PM)charps Wrote: [ -> ]All my cards show in my org, however when I do a search, cards I can see in my org, it says I can still add them. The add box isn't greyed out like it normally is.

Same problem here. Very irritating!

While we work on updates for Organize, Trade, and the performance issue, we are trying to promote some tweaks to help in the meantime. We made a change which we hope will help speed up page loads a bit. The feature which greyed out the Add To Organize icon in search results when the item is already in a customer's organize was creating duplicate search in the database, which could be contributing to the slowness people are experiencing.

We took away the feature which greys out the Add To Organize icon. So now, when a member gets search results back on, all of the Add To Organize icons will be clickable. If a member adds an item to Organize that is already there, they will receive a message that the item was successfully but it will not create a duplicate of the item in Organize. It is the same scenario when a customer adds multiple items to Organize and some of the items selected are already in Organize. It adds the ones not in Organize, and simply doesn't do anything regarding the ones that are already in Organize.

I hope that makes sense, and we're hoping customers can experience a little bit of improvement on the site
Still having this problem today.
(01-07-2013 10:54 AM)cweiland Wrote: [ -> ]Still having this problem today.

If it's telling you to purchase the Org. and you have a subscription paid for, do a once-over of your account to see if you sub is activated. If not, give Beckett a call and they will be able to help you out. I hope this clears for you, and anyone else having issues. The Grey-Out function is back, so there is one issue solved.

Nothing for me here as well, add a new collection then dump in the collection worked for about 25 cards then it quit slowly, some added some didn't, today nothing at all.........that mean we get a comp month on the subscription?
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