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I was going through my shoeboxes, and I just have way to much stuff that aren't really dear parts of my collection. I need to start clearing some room, going to be heading off to college again soon and I just feel its time to downsize. My main collecting points are the following:
Baseball: Yankees, Tigers, HOFers (autos, relics, vintage)
Football: Colts, Lions, HOFers (autos, relics, vintage)
Basketball: Celtics, Pistons, Andrei Kirilenko (autos,relics, vintage)
Hockey: Red Wings (autos, relics, vintage)

I'd be more than happy to trade or sell any of my non-pc things. MOST of my collection should be listed FS, but if you find any card you want that isn't just give a shout and I will edit it immediately (the trade away is accurate, I just know I forgot to mark a couple for sale over the past few weeks). Will trade in your favor if you have something I could use for my PC!
open offer sent
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