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Title says it all, I'm starting to downsize my collection (for all sports, but those will be posted in their respective forums). I want to get rid of as many of these as possible, either by sale or trade. My main collecting points are the following:
Baseball: Yankees, Tigers, HOFers (autos, relics, vintage)
Football: Colts, Lions, HOFers (autos, relics, vintage)
Basketball: Celtics, Pistons, Andrei Kirilenko (autos,relics, vintage)
Hockey: Red Wings (autos, relics, vintage)

I am more than happy to trade in your favor depending on what you're looking at. For the most part, I'm going to be pretty flexible, I really need to downsize. I mainly collect football and hockey, so if you don't have anything I could use PC wise, feel free to send me an offer for some football/hockey trade bait. I took pictures....spent an hour doing so...but can't find the bloody upload cable! So please check my organizer, and I will try to get pix posted ASAP. Most things should be marked FT AND FS, but if you find any singles you want thats not listed FS (the trade portion is accurate), just let me know and I will change it immediately

Thanks a lot guys!
Pm coming
Are you looking to buy at all?
(01-06-2013 12:26 PM)kg1321 Wrote: [ -> ]Are you looking to buy at all?

no, trying to get rid of stuff. thanks though
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