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Nothing really to say except Im absolutely humbled to own this card...I know this isnt the greatest card of all time or anything and I know a lot of folks have some absolute monsters but to me this is my white whale...

Any on card auto of his was my #1 most desired card of all time and when I got a message on my phone at 6:27am it took me a half hour to gather myself together to make this thread lol. I just hope when I get it in hand its in near mint condition with a bold auto because this may be the last one I buy considering the price. Needless to say its the most Ive spent on a piece of cardboard but in all honestly it was so worth it. lol.
Awesome...Grats on a gaol accomplished Smile
sweet pickup ..... congrats Smile
wow amazing Grab Insane Congrats
Wow. Great price! Would love to own a Payton auto.
Congrats! Monster pickup!
Wow absolutely sick pick-up! Congrats.
There is nothing about that card that is not significant or worthy of HUGE adrenaline rush from owning! That is pure "sweetness". I have almost nothing of Payton to compare to that, I'm envious!
Congrats! That is a fine looking card, and a nice price to boot!
looks great Rick! one of my favorites
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