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I found a card show going on in MN so I took a trip down to it. There wasn't much hockey but picked up a couple cards and got a couple hits.

Pickups of FT
2010-11 contenders draft choice ovechkin/malkin purple /100
2001-02 crown royale Chris Neil rc /267
Huge pickup
2011-12 victory black Ryan Nugent-Hopkins rc

2010-11 luxury suite lidstrom jerseys prime

Box of 1997-98 Leaf
Fire on ice Lindros /1000
Banner season palffy #'d 1721/3500
Fractal matrix d/c bronze nedved /400
Fractal matrix bronze pronger and vopat /1400
How are there no hockey cards in MN?
I was going to ask the same thing

where in MN and nice box of leaf

(01-06-2013 08:14 AM)mq13 Wrote: [ -> ]How are there no hockey cards in MN?
Not bad
(01-06-2013 12:00 PM)bonnev659 Wrote: [ -> ]I was going to ask the same thing

where in MN and nice box of leaf

It was in Bloomington. Idk why there wasn't any hockey it was all football. The packers/Vikings game possibly had something to do with it but mainly because the new product sucks, no dealers bust the new stuff.
Nice pick ups! Congrats, Nick!

Nice pick ups. Was also wondering why there is no hockey in MN
Ive been to that show a few times. They used to get some pretty decent signers. Ex Vikings, 1980 Miracle on Ice/U of M guys but it seems to be losing traction with the community.

You can keep up to date with the signers here:

Id attribute the lack of hockey to the fact that there wasnt a season until noon yesterday and the spotlight being on Wild Card weekend.

In the past Ive picked up some great vintage hockey stuff at that show.

Keep going back!
good to see the hockey will be back at this show
I haven't been in Beckett for eons....but Nick is right...even in Minnesota, Hockey cards are last in line behind Football, Baseball, and even basketball. Sad!

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