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If I can pick up a card at the price I want, I will still bid. I don't usually notice shill bidding unless someone actually points it out to me...
Like a couple others have said - I put my bid in in the last few seconds, if I win it great if not oh well. I never check if it was shilled or not, dont really care since there is no definite proof. As a seller there are TONS of people who just dont know and bid 15 times on 1 item over a course of 30 seconds. May look like shilling but in reality it isnt.
I thought it happened to me this weekend bid on an RG3 card and was outbid and got a2nd chance offer 3 mins later turns out the guy had more than 3 cards of the same card and has them on auction now..and ebay now will not let you list the same item as a duplicate item until the first one has a bid..
i will bid only as high as i want to pay.... if it goes higher than that? oh well....
There's only one way to prove shilling: take a look at the bidders. When you have a bidder with a ridiculously high percentage when it comes to that seller, it's usually shilling. Any bidder with a buttload of retractions is also suspect. They stand out like turds in punchbowls
(01-06-2013 02:06 AM)uwash97 Wrote: [ -> ]Generally, if I get a card for a price I'm willing to pay, then I don't really care if I was shilled or not. Life's too short to worry about such things. However, if I lose an item to a shill then I get mad... And I guess if I get a second-chance offer too soon after the auction closes (like within a day or two - but the fastest ever was 30 seconds) then I'll refuse to buy - and I'll let them know why.

I just wonder how many expect a certain price for a card but dont want to pay the extra fee for the reserve price so they have someone bid it up to the price they want they will get the min without having to pay the fee Kinda like back in the day when you could sell something for 1 cent and charge $100 shipping because they dont charge a fee on shipping price lol
Why wouldn't you just start the bidding at that price? You can start the bidding at whatever you want....
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