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Ok I realize this has taken forever and I apologize, but my health setbacks have been in the forefront of my priorities the last few weeks. I have unofficially officially tabulated the entries to my contest, and I am going to list them here. I will allow all of you to vote on which one you think is the best, and the one with the most votes will win the whole enchilada! Please list your choice on this thread for me. I will be taking votes until Thursday evening, and will announce the winner on this coming Friday, and will contact the winner and mail his reward on Saturday. I'm also working on an idea for a Super Bowl contest, but I have to make this one a bit less complicated, as I will basically be at the site of the Super Bowl every day until it's done, and won't have very much free time.

So here are the choices. Thank you for all who have participated!

Minneapolis Lakers (wavytiger1975)
Carolina Flight (pbobo44)
NY Sackmasters ( giantsfan)
St. Louis Archers (koolkellygirl)
The Washington Politically Correct ( supbullcoc)
St. Louis Decades (420ramsfan)
Kansas City Headhunters (biglump007)
Denver Ganja ( ft28jags)
Chicago Insanity (englandhousehold)
The Green Bay Reserves (bigtrip18)
The San Diego Anchors (ejnfl24)
Denver Manning's (peytonvols18)

As for me (and dont vote on this one), I kinda like the New Orleans Crunk, for obvious reasons).

Ok start the voting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS a PSA from Duch: if you are feeling ill at this time of the year, don't let it go. I ended up with walking pneumonia which led to Bell's Palsy attack, and one of the most difficult things to do is try to get into a doctor's office after telling them half your face is paralyzed and they want you to go to the ER instead. Thankfully I've had it before so I knew what to do this time, but I'm also in pain which was different from last time. Hopefully it clears up in a week. Your eye twitching and sounding like Sylvester Stallone when you talk isn't much fun, LOL!

this one gets my vote lol
The San Diego Anchors (ejnfl24)
My vote goes to the:

St. Louis Archers (koolkellygirl)
Denver Manning's (peytonvols18) gets my vote.
Carolina Flight (pbobo44)
My vote is for The San Diego Anchors (ejnfl24)
My vote is for The Washington Politically Correct lol
Even though I'm on the list I really like this one

Carolina Flight (pbobo44)
Lmao the Denver ganja! Nice.....I should a have said the Denver stonedmannings...
St. Louis Archers (koolkellygirl)
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