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I didnt go into this break with a lot of high hopes, but I haddnt bought basketball in over a year. I knew Prestige was garbage but it was the cheapest.

Anyways everything is for sale or trade except for the Irvings and the Kawhi auto.

I will trade anything here for other autos of the last 2 years rookies

[Image: scan0001-25_zpsaa3125bd.jpg]
[Image: scan0002-22_zpsa09c336b.jpg]
[Image: scan0003-20_zps6fcbbb5f.jpg]
[Image: scan0004-20_zps802d8348.jpg]
[Image: scan0006-20_zpsae00c503.jpg]
[Image: scan0007-21_zps5ecdc5d2.jpg]
Very Nice Breaks! Those Kyrie's are sweet! Redemption stinks but that is panini lately. Is the Certified Kyrie numbered to 5? The emerald I believe.
The Irving patch is sick looking! Could you please check me for the Beal and Rivers rookies and the Okafor prizm? Thanks!
I would be interested in the Tim Duncan True Color, Downtown Bound Dwyane Wade and Wilt Chamberlain MVP
That is a sick Kyrie patch!!!!! Nice breaks!! If the Farieds and Wade are available I would love a shot at them!
Two sick Irvings! I saw him last night against the Bobcats. I wouldnt mind trading for the Kendall Marshall. Doubt I have anything right now but ive got some breaks I joined coming in this week.
Sorry about the empty box of Contenders, but at least the other boxes are nice, LOL.
I checked everyone so far, sorry if I didnt see anything
nice Kyries congrats
Sick irving patch
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