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I have recently opened up some random packs of 12-13 Black Diamond. I have the following available FT.

Double Diamonds

102 - Johnny Bucyk
119 - Braden Holtby
127 - Johan Franzen
131 - Joe Mullen
138 - Paul Stastny
143 - David Clarkson
150 - Adam Henrique

Triple Diamonds

152 - Brad Park
161 - Brian Leetch
185 - Dalton Prouct Rc
192 - Kristopher Foucault Rc
197 - Brandon Manning Rc

Quad Diamond Ruby #219 Nicklas Lidstrom 029/100


Alexanders Burrows # VAN-AB
Drew Stafford # BUFFDS

Gemography # GEMCP - Chet Pickard

If you are interested in anything please shoot me a PM or an open trade offer.

Im looking to collect Gemography autos, pm me.
Interested in the Lidstrom
Chris I think you posted this in the wrong forum
Not bad
(01-06-2013 06:45 AM)bonnev659 Wrote: [ -> ]Chris I think you posted this in the wrong forum

I figured that out after I posted the thread. LOL
(01-05-2013 04:53 PM)hockeynick1721 Wrote: [ -> ]Interested in the Lidstrom

I did not really see anything that I could use right now.
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