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Hey everybody

Pretty new here but thought I'd share my break from last night. Bought a box of 11/12 Parkhurst Champions as a complete impulse buy while I was at LCS buying baseball cubes. It was the only sealed box they had of it and I still have no idea why I grabbed it, but I did. Anyway, went home to break it and boy was it a slow break. 12 out of the 20 packs into it I still hadn't pulled anything that seemed guaranteed. Finally I nail a green back mini, then next pack a Masterpiece Messier, then a Renditions Gretzky. So at this point I was feeling better that I was getting hits. Then next I pull a Ken Hodge auto, yeah low group guy, but a great player with 800 career points, I've pulled guys a lot worse at much higher odds. At this point I'm thinking oh well, I got most of the stuff I should, def not a hot box but that's my luck. Then, next to the last pack, I noticed when I opened it that the mini wasn't there. So I figured I just got ripped with a bad pack. Boy was I wrong, the mini was moved to the back of the pack and BAM, out slides a red ink auto of Ray Bourque # 1/15! Probably my biggest pull ever. Turns out it's the case hit. Not bad for a box you weren't even supposed to buy. I'm a newbie here and haven't figured out the pic thing yet, so I may get one up in future. Thanks for looking.
Nice borque min auto !!!
Unreal box! Congrats.. Can't wait to see pics if you get the time.
Insane pull. Congrats on your impulse buy.
Sick stuff! Congrats!

Give the Help Forums a once-over and you will be able to get more info on how to post pics and whatnot. Also, you could give one of the more experienced members and nod and we would be more than happy to give you a hand. Best wishes and thanks for the share!

sweet box

congrats on the Ray
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