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My advice is dont buy a card just because its a good deal. It may seem dumb to say this but even if you find 5 cards at a steal price you will overpay for 5 others. It all breaks even in the end. I suggest use all the sites that sell cards and before you make a purchase search each site for that particular card. You may only find one copy available in which case jump on it even if the price isnt right. Odds are if 5 or 6 sites only have 1 copy available then its a rare card to find. A bunch of factors can come into play but overall whats better paying $30 for a card when you can only find one copy or paying $10 each for 3 cards that are all over the place?

On a side note I always like to hear how people end up choosing what they collect so...How did you decide on Jamaal?
thanks for the advice! I chose jamaal because ever since 2003 I've been a huge chiefs fan (but I live in WA) and I really enjoyed watching the games. then in 2010 my dad got a huge promotion and him and my mom and little brother actually had to move to Kansas and ended up living about 30 minutes from arrowhead stadium. They ended up flying me out there to visit for Christmas that year and surprised me with tickets to my first ever chiefs game. I went with my dad and little brother and they won (34-3 against Tennessee if I remember correct) and Jamaal Charles had an amazing game so ever since then he's been my favorite player and I just recently got back in to collecting so I figured who better to try and collect than my favorite player lol.
Good luck, can't wait to see what you come up with!! Everyone has already made great's another: Remember, you can't win them all, so just enjoy the hobby and the chase. It makes it much more fun!!

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