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Pulled this out of Signa Cuts, but I already have a Cal auto, so I figured I'd see if anyone is interested. Looking for $100-$120 in trade value for it. It's numbered 2/5 and I have the box I can send too if you're interested.

Card isn't listed in the OPG, so reply in the thread if you're interested, or send me an open offer for something else with a note saying you like the Ripken dual. Cheers.

[Image: calripken.jpg]
[Image: billyripken.jpg]
Could you check me for the hell of it don't know what I got
Check me. Dont know if i could go that high but depends on what you want
I am interested some but I don't have your needs listed. PM me maybe if you can stay at the $100 mark.
You can put me in line as I would be interested.
pls check me as well. Thanks!
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