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Happy New Year everyone (soon anyway)! I haven't posted any breaks here in a while, mostly because it takes forever for pages to load on this site and general laziness.

I figured I should contribute to this site a little though so these are my breaks from today. All the cards marked for trade will be added to my organize shortly.

Stopped by the local card shop and picked up a box and a few packs today. So I thought I would scan them up. Stuff for trade is noted below the scans.

First off some 1996-97 Pinnacle Mint Golds for the set I am putting together.

[Image: Scan_Pic0058_zps439708d6.jpg]
[Image: Scan_Pic0057_zpsfbe309c8.jpg]


Stuff for trade from a box of Artifacts

[Image: Scan_Pic0055-1_zpsb9e586e5.jpg]


And finally Ten packs of upper deck. I killed it on these packs!
[Image: Scan_Pic0056_zps0c1eb93a.jpg]

Canvas Lundqvist
Dwight King Exclusives /100
Sharp MVP #12
Getzlaf Jersey

The rest are going into my Upper Deck set.

In trade I am looking for Lemieux, Upper Deck Clear Cut Greatness cards, and 90's inserts (want list available upon request).
Very nice breaks, Brent! Congrats and Happy New Year to you, too! Best wishes in 2013!

you did pretty well congrats

and welcome back
Nice lightning auto
nice chara patch
Nice cards. Thanks for sharing.
Not a bad couple of breaks, congrats! Digging that Chara, let me know if I have anything you'd need for it.
pm me if i can get that fleury!
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