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So i went to Walmart today with a $20 bill burning a hole in my pocket so i figured why not buy my first baseball Blaster box. Figured Bowman Chrome seemed like a pretty good choice so i bought it and brought it over to my dads and we started opening it and figued out really quickly that we had a refractor hot box! ended up with 20 x fractors, 2 inserts and 2 regular refractors (if i remember correctly). Here are the X Fractors! only rookies/prospects i really recognize are Jesus Montero and Jorge Soler

[Image: bb1_zps69c01cb0.jpg]
[Image: bb2_zpsd1adf590.jpg]
[Image: bb3_zps8066b6b3.jpg]

Wasnt quite sure how to sell all of these so i just ended up posting them as one big lot on the bay lol. Not quite sure what the odds of getting a hot box are but im pretty sure that the odds of your first ever baseball blaster box being a hot box is even slimmer!
I got my first hot box a few weeks ago however it wasn't a blaster it was a full box of topped chrome and it was nothing but refractors, pretty awesome stuff!
Great hot box!
Good for you! Some nice cards there.
Thanks everybody! It was pretty exciting lol
Very cool, congrats and thanks for sharing.
sick box
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