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Okay, RG3, Luck, Wilson...

How about Alfred Morris???? A seemingly NOBODY out of the draft - broke the redskins rushing record.....

If it weren't for him, would RG3 have the season he has?

I say wilson or rg3. I think Morris has ALOT to do with shanahan, i mean when has he not had a great back in that scheme?

I dont think luck belongs in the convo honestly. He gets all the credit yet 75% of the colts team is new and the guys they kept were players like mathis, freeney, bethea, wayne... No slouches.

Then you look at the stats... (before todays game)

Completion % - 54.3 second worse in the nfl going into the day (a day he had 50%) only behind chad henne.

TD's - 21 going into todays game / middle of the league

INT's - 18 tied for the most in the nfl

Sacks - 40 4th worst in the nfl

Fumbles - 9

QBR - 75.6 thats 29th out of 34 in the nfl

Honestly the only thing luck has going for him is yardage.
This rookie class this year has to be one of the best in the last 20 years. No matter how you look at it, there are going to be guys out there who many will say deserved it but didn't win.

My guess is:

Offensive - RG3
Defensive - Janoris Jenkins
jenkins has the TO's but he honestly hasnt been too amazing in day to day coverage
I'm bias of course it I hope Wilson wins it. He won't because RG3 is the medias baby.
(12-30-2012 11:20 PM)a2coupe2a Wrote: [ -> ]jenkins has the TO's but he honestly hasnt been too amazing in day to day coverage

You're right, he has a ways to go, but 4 INTs for TDs is pretty impressive. Not to mention a couple of those basically won 2 games for the Rams.
Uga I thank you for pointing this out about Morris. 1600 yard yet no talk whatsoever. All the running back talk is between Martin or Richardson. If he doesn't have this type of season rgIII doesn't have as good a year .

On to my next point, are u kidding me coupe about Luck not belonging? His team had the worst record last year and the talent wasn't improved this year. All he has is Wayne. He doesn't have a running game like Wilson and RGIIi who have Lynch and Morris, both who have like 1400 + yards. Besides Wayne, luck has all rookies at his skill positions.Not to mention 7 fourth quarter comebacks.Luck is most valuable to his team.
Hard to have a running game when all you do is throw the ball. Only wayne you say? How was hilton today? You think mathis, freeman, and bethea are bad players on defense? 7 comebacks but how many of those were due to careless passes and turnovers BY LUCK.

Look at the stats... Second or worst completion % in the nfl. Do you really think that sanchez has a better team around him? 18 int's... tied for the most in the league, 9 fumbles, and so on...

75% of the team is new. Luck gets wayyyyyy too much credit. He is a solid qb but when you compare him to wilson and rg3 its no contest.
Luck has had a good year, but I don't give him the OROY because of how many interceptions he has compared to other rookie starting QBs.
Luck could pass for his yardage, but dont forget ballard has been a huge boost to the colts offense as well
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