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Full Version: Prizm Box Break
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Christmas gift from my wife.

Autographs: Marquis Teague, Norris Cole
Prisms: Anthony Davis, Julyan Stone, Markieff Morris, Ryan Anderson (Downtown Bound)
Inserts: Scottie Pippen (Finalists) and Lebron James (USA)
Regular Rookies of Note: Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

Being a UK fan I was pleased with the 2 Anthony Davis' (regular rookie and prizm).

*Being a first time poster I'm not sure how to post pics. What method do most of you use? I posted from my Iphone, but then saw that viewers couldn't see the pic.
The Davis Prizm is a great hit. As for the photos...try photobucket and post from there. Use the bottom link that they provide. Its free too.
Is the Lebron Team USA for trade or sale?
(12-30-2012 05:54 PM)SHowley2003 Wrote: [ -> ]Is the Lebron Team USA for trade or sale?

Nice davis's
If your interested in trading the Davis Prizms Check my ORG
[Image: IMG_00881_zps0b582c1b.jpg]

Thanks JMarchand1981 for the help in posting from Photobucket.

I also just purchased the Anthony Davis autograph (unnumbered) from this set.
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