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I swore off of this product when it came out. The LCS owner and I had a trade that we reversed a portion of that also involved some cash so I had a credit balance. I rolled the cash balance plus some more cash into a box of this product.

Here are the "hits" if you would call them that.
[Image: 2012-13Contenders_zpsa8e52da9.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0001_zps643ccdc2.jpg]

If I am not mistaken this 1 in 20 cases. Please correct me if I am wrong here.
Love the Wade pull!! Not too bad on the Deandre and the Waiters. Hows the Threads auto collection coming along?
I need about 10 at this point. One is the Kyrie and one is the Kemba but I have all the other main guys...Davis,MKG,Beal. It is really taking form at this point. Thank you for asking.
Not the greatest but I'd definitely say you coulda done worse. I agree with ndevoy, very nice Wade, Jordan and Waiters. Congrats on the break.
Not being a wade collector....I think that Wade will pay for the break. The autos on the other hand, meh.
Nice break!!! Interested in the Sacre if it's for trade...
Yes sir it is. Everything is FT except the Durant and the Wade(it will be FT when pricing is released).
Was not too impressed myself with it, Got a zach randolph auto, shumpert auto, andrew nicholson auto and will barton auto
A lot of people like Shumpert. Actually, I hit his /25 Prizm auto the other day. I traded it for a Steph Curry(for my PC) and a Kobe /24 Anthology card. Zach Randolph is playing like a beast this year. Unfortunately, the demand in his cardboard does not necessarily reflect that.
I actually think that the inserts were cheap too. Put some damn foil on them and number SOME of the non-auto and non-relic stuff. Even the 1 in 20 case hits aren't numbered. Cheap product for mid-level prices.
J-March, the bright side is ... you have a TREMENDOUS start to a DeAndre Jordan PC.
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