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The way the Clips are playing that might not be such a bad thing!
Nice pulls. Love the Wade. Thanks for sharing.
Thank you! I Have been watching how the HOF contenders are selling on the Bay. The Shaq just sold in the $80 range. I am figuring that the Wade would pull in about that. I will say though, at 1 in 20 cases....I would still figure it would go for more than that.
Nice hit on the Wade.

Cant believe they ruined this with sticker autos..
Yeah I am very disappointed in this product. For the price you would figure it would be on card autos. The nicest thing on the sell sheet is the Kobe auto relic, which is sick. THe second nicest this is the Blake seems like you get four autos per box but the only constant in the nice looking cards is the relics. I am not sure how that all makes sense.
Sweet jordan
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