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Looking for creative ways to move some cards so I thought I would try breaking collection down to divisional lots. Of course, I am starting with arguably one of the toughest divisions the last two years...

The Black & Blue Division AKA the NFC North.

Minnesota Vikings Lot - $38 Delivered

Berrian, BernardMarshall, JimMoss, Randy RC

There will also be a handful of base, inserts, and an Atrews Bell Auto.

Detroit Lions Lot - $82 Delivered

Barney, LemBroyles, RyanKarras, AlexStafford, MatthewStafford, Matthew

Also throwing in a Harrington Jumbo jersey and Harrington Laundry Tag patch. Might have a few (very few base and insert) thrown in.

That Team Lot - $72 Delivered

Favre, BrettJones, JacobyNelson, JordyRodgers, AaronDowler, Boyd

Da Bears - Yes they are a PC team so nothing crazy but some decent cards for fellow fans. The NT Knox is /5 and the NT Morris is /10

Looking for $52 delivered.

Jeffery, AlshonKnox, JohnnyKnox, JohnnyMorris, JohnnyPayton, WalterPayton, WalterPhotobucket

Also going to throw in Bates AU, Anthony Thomas RC AU, Anthony Thomas RC Jsy.

And last but not least, I started to chase a PC and do every Devin Hester RC. I am not cut out for single player collection so take this whole lot of his rookies off my hands.

Looking for a measly $42 delivered. The lot consists of a total of 20 Devin Hester RC's. 17 are different - I have dupes of Bowman Gold, Upper Deck Star Rookie, and Score. Have most of Bowman including regular, Chrome, Chrome Refractor and Gold. 3 or 4 serial numbered rookies and others that are variations like Gold, Topps DPP Refractor etc. It's essentially $2 per card plus shipping.

Please PM me with which lot you would like. Paypal is

First come, first serve.

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