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Looking to move these towards other nice star autos. Would love to pick up some nice Kaepernick Autos. As well as nice baseball autos, but willing to check orgs.

[Image: GronkowskiRobJumboAuto.jpg]

[Image: GronkowskiRobCrownRoyaleAuto.jpg]
I should have some AJ Green's in there... check the org. please.
Do you like chase utley
Check me for one or both lmk thanks
Will check shortly. The scan has been fixed, I don't have two Crown Royales I just accidentally posted the same card twice. Smile
(12-30-2012 09:19 AM)gronkeykong87 Wrote: [ -> ]Do you like chase utley

What set is it from? I didn't see anything listed marked for trade in your org.
Interested in the Crown Royale if you want to have a look.
I did like your Harvin but would rather have the Gronk over the Harvin.
Have a Kapernick Chrome RC auto and also his Prestige Rc auto interested in any of those?
Any chance you have scans? Please shoot me a PM if you do, thanks.
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