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Looking to reach the Century mark. Only need 7 more trades! Bucket and ORG are up to date. Everything available but some are harder to get. Mainly looking for Manning, Donald Brown, Luck, Contenders RC autos. Will consider all offers though. Looking for equal value trades especially on higher end stuff. Let's Get some trades done!!

[Image: E47EBA9A-3AF0-4513-AC15-096072F1FFB9-453...66C7E6.jpg]

[Image: E7C1F04D-529D-45FE-BF4F-144E8D900C4C-133...C770E3.jpg]Gold /25

[Image: F04EBE36-711D-4275-ADCA-7AD842BA67FC-129...F0C09D.jpg]

[Image: HarvinFinest.jpg]

[Image: HarvinPlat.jpg]

[Image: FF2D13E0-922F-4DC0-BF1F-5742B7CDD41C-314...FC669F.jpg]

[Image: D73EAB95-8BCF-4A3A-9332-FAEBA5D4968B-225...7F8F4F.jpg]

[Image: B0B3A5D7-9C86-46C2-B183-5AA045934E02-162...F7016D.jpg]
bump it up
Check me and see if I have anything you would want (bucket has more than org).
(12-30-2012 08:14 PM)Socrkd55 Wrote: [ -> ]Check me and see if I have anything you would want (bucket has more than org).

Could use the Barry Sanders Score RC, RGIII jersey and Blackmon Patch. LMK.
Open offer sent on von miller
Looking to get some more trades today
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Anybody trading today?
check me for the AP thanks
(01-03-2013 10:49 AM)fishtaco02 Wrote: [ -> ]check me for the AP thanks

I like a couple. PM sent.
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