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Full Version: Last Box Of Prizm
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Went to the LCS today. They had one box of Prizm left so I tested my luck(I hit this on a Christmas box: [Image: IMG_0001_zpsd8b1cd06.jpg] )

Here are the results of the box today:
[Image: 2012PrizmLastBox_zps0ea8cd01.jpg]

The Kemba and Lillard are the Prizm/Refractor things. The Shumpert is the /25 auto.

I think that I did fairly well.
That Shumpert Refractor Auto is nice. Do you have any Team USA inserts available for trade? I already have the Deron Williams, as well as Harden and Westbrook. But I would be interested in any others that you may have hit on.
I have Tyson Chandler in Team USA. My LCS has the Melo and Melo Prizm but I am not sure when the next time I will be heading out there will be.
Sick Break! You have pulled some really good cards there! The Lillard is super good too!
Sweet bryant auto
Wow great pulls. Any chance that Lillard is for trade?
It is ft but I am looking to get a clean Durant auto out of it.
(12-30-2012 01:26 PM)JMarchand1981 Wrote: [ -> ]It is ft but I am looking to get a clean Durant auto out of it.

Rookie auto? Or just a plain auto?
Either. It doesn't need to be a rookie auto but something comparable in bv
Fantastic hits, sir! VERY nice Lillard!
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