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looking for 2012 topps chrome refractors i dont have yet gonna do 1 of each color need
isiah pead (need his auto also)
bernard pierce
t j graham
plmk what you have
thanks bud
check my org
lcollins did i miss something i didnt see any refractors from 12 chrome football
Im not sure why it's not showing up...but I have Pierce refractor
if its the regular refractor I have it thanks
still looking for bernard pierce t j graham and isaiah pead colored refractors that i need and rookie autos off them also PLMK Thanks bud
I have 2012 Topps Chrome Rookie Autographs Refractors Variations #202 Isaiah Pead lmk
think i have the pierce let me check.
i have the red paed refractor...i sent u an offer
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